22nd April, 2014

Visa Free - Japan!

posted 4 months ago

Just thinking about this makes me all giddy and whoppy inside. Yes, whoppy is a word. Alright, I’ve been wanting to visit all the Disneyland around the world. I’ve been to HK and Anaheim(twice already) and the next one on my list is Japan. EuroDisney will have to take a backseat because Paris is too darn expensive. Prolly when I get my free tix from my sister, I’ll reconsider it again.

So, the news about the visa free travel to Japan was music to my ears. I get to see Mickey the Japanese version! Lucky me, my aunt who always funds our trip wants to go to Japan as well. She wanted to go and see Sanrio Puroland. Not crazy about Hello Kitty but what the heck, andun na din naman kami. To make this whole Japan trip even more exciting is that the Harry Potter Wizarding World will open in Japan this coming July 2014. How cool is that?!?!

So, Disneyland Japan, Sanrio Puroland, Harry Potter World, Shibuya and Akihabara and Uniqlo and a lot of 1 Yen shop and Japanese street food…aahhhh! I’m really getting all excited. Oh! Did I mention that I could fly anything to Japan because of my Delta Skymiles?! Yes, I have a free round trip ticket to Japan. Woohooo!

Japan 2015 is all set. Let the planning begin. I do hope that my aunt’s timeshare vacations have a lot of really cool hotels to choose from.Yes, we can get accomodations for half the price. Oh yebah! Japan 2015 is so meant to be. Gotta start saving now.

But before that, I need to make sure that I have enough money for my US trip this coming October. Argh! Oh well, Japan will be fun for sure!

6th April, 2014

Summer is here!!

posted 5 months ago

Ugh! I am not excited about the heat and humidity. Ang init! Oh well, I kept telling myself na I have to like summer. I need a little push tho. So, these songs help. My top 10 summer songs:

10.) California Gurls - Katy Perry - Come on?! Daisy dukes and bikini on top? Very SoCal!!!

9.) Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams - Ultimate crush when I was in grade school.

8.) Cruel Summer - Bananarama - The sun is soo cruel!!

7.) If Only - Hanson - Well, love the beat of this song!

6.) Surfin’ USA - Beach Boys - SoCal!!!

5.) Summer Love - Justin Timberlake - Gotta have JT!!

4.) Endless Summer Nights - Richard Marx - Love the melody of this song!

3.) Candy in the Sun - Swirl 360

2.) Playing with the Boys - Kenny Loggins - Beach Volleyball!!

1.) Kokomo - Beach Boys! - I love them!!

23rd March, 2014


posted 5 months ago

There was once a time in my life where I thought I couldn’t make it, I wouldn’t be able to wake up every morning. Yung iniisip mo na, umaga na naman…I have to battle yung heartache and pain. It was one of those things na nangyari sa akin that I never want to go back and experience again.

I must admit that it was very difficult for me to accept reality at that time. I couldn’t grasps the idea that it was all over. I guess everyone who experienced heartache, naramdaman yung every emotions ko that time. I was scared and at the same time, I lost hope.

Honestly, I was traumatized sa mga nangyari. I know I have moved on but it made me more thick inside. Yung feeling na, you’d do anything para lang wag na maramdaman ulit yung feeling na yun. You just want to get better. I deleted every single thing that reminded me of my past with him. I deleted every picture and threw every memory. It was a very cathartic. I was torturing myself to release all my bottled emotions inside. Nakaka-loka pala minsan pag-iisipin mo na kailangan mo kalimutan lahat. It’s a process I had to start sooner of later. Later on, I found myself emotionally purging all my emotions. Delete lang kung delete.

It’s been more than a year since that day. I know I have released everything and wala na sigurong naiwan pa. I remember telling him, pag wala na tayo…there’s no turning back and that’s what I did. I didn’t look back.

Yes, I have forgiven him. I have let go of my anger and decided that I couldn’t hold on to it anymore. I had to do it for my own sanity. But no matter what I do, I will never trust that person again. Siguro, good riddance na lang. I actually wanted to thank him for what he did. He made me a better person when he broke my heart. I had a complete make-over. I never thought of it that way before but now I understand. God will take away people in your life just to make room for more or to make you realize that even without that person, you’ll be fine.

He made a bad decision to cheat on me and leave me and his son. He gave up just like that. Pero sabi ko nga sa friend ko, we are the good outcome ng bad decisions ng mga tao sa past natin. Let’s just be thankful for that. Diba nga, pag may negative…may positive naman talaga.

Not sure if mababasa mo to pero, thank you for breaking my heart. I just feel bad for you kasi di mo nakikita how wonderful your son is. Sorry if I wasn’t the person you wanted me to be. I’m not that person who will make you feel secured sa buhay. But despite that, because you broke my heart…I became a better person. It’s funny kasi right after you left me, that’s when I started to realize na your love is holding me back. Holding me back to become a better person. There are two good things that came out of our relationships. First is our son and second, when you broke my heart.

11th March, 2014

Countdown begins…

posted 6 months ago

The little boy will be turning 3 next month and I’ve been planning for this party ever since September last year. All suppliers booked and ready to go. All I have to do is pick up the goods. Oh yeah!

Of course, I need a birthday logo and thank you tags for his party favors. Thanks to Googly Gooeys for making this really cute layout. No revisions whatsoever, it was love at first sight. Thanks Tippy!

Venue? Of course, walang kamatayan na Jollibee! My son loves Jollibee so pagbigyan.

See y’all!



17th February, 2014

I’m Blue

posted 7 months ago

I blame Paula and his boyfriend, Edd for this splurge again. I asked Paula to ask Edd to look for Jordan Breds for Luc. Well, they found one kaya lang nakabili na ako ng Green Glow for Luc. But then the Gamma Blue AJ 11 came out. Meron daw size para kay Luc. Ugh! To make the long story short, binili ko. hahaha

The little boy loved his new AJ’s. He looks so big pag suot nya. As in…he looks 5 years old na nga eh! Aww! My baby is now a boy. They grow up so fast!

I taught Luc that when someone asked him why is he so pogi…ito sasabihin nya…
"Kasi po, maganda ang Mommy ko!" 

Aww! Look at those eyes!

I taught Luc that when someone asked him why is he so pogi…ito sasabihin nya…

"Kasi po, maganda ang Mommy ko!"

Aww! Look at those eyes!

27th January, 2014

Wicked in Manila

posted 7 months ago

I first heard about Wicked almost 5 years ago thru Abigail. It’s the untold story of the Witches of OZ, Elphaba and Galinda. The original production premiered on Broadway in October 2003 and stars Idina Menzel as Elphaba and Kristen Chenoweth as Galinda. It was a critically acclaimed production winning over 3 Tony Awards.

I was supposed to watch it last 2008 in Pantages but then things didn’t work out with my schedule. Argh! I was so frustrated and I swear that I will watch this show no matter what. So when they announced that Wicked is coming to Manila…I literally went berserk. I had to watch it. I asked my closest friends to come and watch it with me. Since most of them are music lovers, pumayag sila.

Wicked is currently playing at the CCP. It premiered last January 22, 2014. It stars Jemma Rix as Elphaba and  Suzie Mathers as Galinda/Glinda. Oh boy, it was such an awesome show.

I had goosebumps while Elphaba was singing Defying Gravity. It was waiting for that moment for almost 5 years. It was so surreal and I know I will never forget it. This is one show you wouldn’t want to miss.

16th January, 2014

My So-Called Life…

posted 8 months ago

I never talk about this particular guy to anyone probably because he was the first person I ever hurt. There was once a time in my life that I felt like I was Angela Chase and he was Jordan Catalano. The “Hi’s”, the stares, simple conversations here and there, that giddy high school feelings. For a number of weeks, I felt like I was a kid again. We went out. Went out for movies and it was so funny the first time he held my hand. He was shy about it and he asked me if he could hold my hand. I promptly said…”yes, you may…”. There was this sparkle in his eyes that night. I was on the other hand, confused.

We kept it a secret. I didn’t want anybody to know that we had a thing. I don’t know why. It’s not because I didn’t like him, it’s because I was confused. He made me feel special. He made me feel wanted. He treated me like I was never treated before. I liked it but I don’t know if I wanted it. I liked him. I mean, who wouldn’t. His hair, his eyes, his lips. I like the way his hair runs thru my fingers. I liked the way he holds my hands or the way he would wrap his arms around me while we were walking. The moment he told me…”Why do you let him do this to you. You deserve someone better.” I knew, right then and there…he loves me. I think I loved him but it’s not enough for me to pick him or stay with him.

I’m glad it happened. I’m glad that for a short period of time, I felt special. I owe that to him. I know now that the time I spent with him is much more greater than the years I spent with Marlone. We connected, even for a short period of time.

I don’t have any regrets or what if’s. I’m glad it happened and I’m glad it was over. It was for the better.

14th January, 2014

He got it from me!

posted 8 months ago

Anak, why so handsome?!

What they do best!

posted 8 months ago

Our usual Sunday morning…Meg watching some Korean videos online while my son, well…switches from playing Minion Rush and Fruit Ninja.


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